The information is intended exclusively for healthcare professionals. A healthcare professional should always rely on his or her clinical and professional opinion when deciding which product is most suitable to treat a patient.

Custom Implants SL provide medical advice and recommend that healthcare professionals be trained in the use of any particular product before using it in a procedure or in surgery.
Before using any product from Custom Implants SL., the healthcare professional must always read the instructions which are inside the package, the label of the product and/or the instructions for use, included those for cleaning and sterilization, when applicable. The information provided is for the purpose of showing specific products as well as the wide range of Custom Implants products.

It may occur that not every product be available in all markets due to their availability is subject to the medical or regulatory practice. If any query about availability of any specific Custom Implants products in your area, please contact your Custom Implants agent.

All Custom Implants products comply with EU regulations and directives.