Noviembre 2021

Ourense es la provincia elegida por la Xunta para iniciar su programa LabSaúde 

10 Noviembre. Departamento de Comunicación

Customimplants será una de las seis empresas participantes en esta iniciativa, cuyo objetivo es dinamizar la innovación sanitaria y mejorar la vida de los pacientes.

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September 2021

The International University of Valencia, new partners of Customimplants® 

21 September. Communication Department   

The International University of Valencia is one of the new partners of Customimplants through an agreement for students of the Master of Bioengineering to perform internships in the company in order to combine practical and theoretical knowledge.

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The new EU regulatory framework 

13 September. Communication Department   

The new EU regulatory framework provides for guides, implants, orthoses and even biomodels as medical devices. The following articles summarize the requirements they must meet to guarantee quality and safe treatments for the patient.

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Agosto 2021

Innovación sanitaria

12 Agosto. Communication Department 

Responsables de la administración e industria coinciden en señalar que es necesario que la innovación sanitaria llegue al usuario. Así lo analiza el director de Customimplants, Manuel Castro, en esta entrevista.

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Customized medicine

5 August. Communication Department

Customized medicine requires a cultural change that allows doctors to consider technology as a useful tool with which to improve the patient's life. To this end, Galicia has become a benchmarck community thanks to the existence of innovative companies, such as Customimplant

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July 2021

Public procurement of innovation and digital innovation hubs

22 July. Communication Department

Public procurement of innovation (PPI) and digital innovation hubs are two of the collaborative models that exist between the administration and industry to boost innovation in the healthcare sector in Galicia. These and other initiatives were analyzed in a debate held in Santiago with representatives of the Xunta and in which our Managing Director also participated.

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21 Julio. Departamento de Comunicación

Customimplants consolida su proceso de internacionalización con un acuerdo con LusoPalex, líder de servicios sanitarios en Portugal, para el diseño y fabricación de implantes a medida. "No podíamos tener mejor compañero de viaje en este proceso", resume nuestro director general, Manuel Castro.

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Plastic Arts

16 July. Communication Department 
The use of plastic arts as a therapeutic tool for hospitalized children is the main target of "Crea tu avatar" (create your avatar), a project launched with the Humans Foundation at the Niño Jesús Hospital in Madrid.

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8 July. Communication Department 
Cooperation between the different agents and the knowledge of the ecosystem are two essential aspects for increasing innovation within the healthcare sector. This is one of the conclusions of the debate held in Santiago on healthcare innovation in Galicia, which was attended by our managing director, who called for " value to the people who innovate, bet and invest in projects".



7 Julio. Departamento de Comunicación
En Customimplants nos esforzamos para garantizar al paciente la calidad y la seguridad de nuestros servicios. Las certificaciones UNE en ISO 9001:2015, 13485:2016, 14001:2015 o la UNE 166002 confirman cómo la empresa contribuye además a impulsar la innovación e investigación y el desarrollo digital, social y ambiental de forma responsable.


June 2021

Administration and Industry must work together

29 June.Communication Department

Administration and industry must work together so that innovation reaches patients by means of treatments that improve their lives. This is one of the conclusions shared by the Xunta de Galicia and Customimplants, in a debate on Galicia as a benchmark for healthcare innovation. Challenges such as the strict regulations and the slowness of administrative management were analyzed.

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New technologies facilitate the work of physicians

16 June. Communication Department

New technologies facilitate the work of physicians and make it possible to offer patients customized solutions. For healthcare professionals, medicine today is unthinkable without technology, but without neglecting the human aspect in order to offer the patient everything he or she needs during treatment. Thus explain Dr. Montero, Dr. Vilches and Dr. De Paula.



10 June. Communication Department

Customimplants has joined the DigitHealt 23 project for the promotion of the digital and ecological transformation of the national healthcare system. The managing director of the company values this initiative positively and calls for a joint work between administrations and industry to achieve the programmed objectives. 


Innovate and customized treatments

8 June. Communication Department  
Innovative and customized treatments not only offer more suitable solutions to the patient, but also optimize the costs of the national health system. Meet the opinion of some professionals, among them the head of the Medical Management of Customimplants, Margarita Montero.


The digitalzation of healthcare processes

1 June. Communication Department
The digitization of healthcare processes or the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the doctor-patient relationship. Learn about the challenges of the health system to achieve the universalization of personalized medicine.


May 2021

Virtual Adademy

25 May.  Communication Department 
Customimplants collaborates with the association Anasbabi Ciliopatías (Ciliopathy diseases)  in the implementation of a Virtual Academy on rare diseases. The initiative begins with a session in which various pathologies related to rare diseases will be addressed and the Diversia 5.5 care network will be presented


Surgical guides for facilitating and shortening the surgical approach

6 May. Communication Department
La impresión 3D aporta importantes beneficios al cirujano y al paciente. Entre ellos, facilitar el abordaje y reducir los tiempos de intervención. Dos horas se acortó una compleja intervención para llevar a cabo una resección tumoral en la mandíbula con autoinjerto de peroné en el hospital Gómez Ulla.

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April 2021

Award for the Best Private Initiative in Digital Health

Manuel Castro did not forget the efforts of the Customimplants® team when receiving the award for the Best Private Initiative in Digital Health, granted by the Mediforum group. He recalled that the project was launched so that everyone could afford customized treatment. "Digitalization makes it possible, but a cultural change is required in public administrations and companies," claimed the CEO of the firm.


3D printing and custom medicine

29 April. Communication Department                 

Surgeons analyze how the technology facilitates their work and minimizes the risks for the patient, for whom, in addition, the placement of a customized implant allows for an earlier recovery. Learn about the analysis of professionals, including that of our medical director Margarita Montero, on how 3D printing enables personalized treatments.


Custom solutions to improve recovery and minimize risks

27 April. Communication Department

Minimizing risk and enhancing patient recovery are two of the important benefits of Customimplants® customized solutions. The company's managing director, Manuel Castro, and the CTO, David Alonso, take an in-depth look at the important benefits of our innovative treatments, using the advantages of 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

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Customimplants® in the Xunta de Galicia's Living Lab

22 April. Communication Department

Customimplants® is one of the companies included by the Xunta to participate in the LivingLab in Ourense. The project will allow the promotion of innovation, knowledge transfer and the development of an entrepreneurial business network within the health sector. Representatives of the Galician Health Service (Sergas), University, research centers, companies and organizations related to biomedicine, biotechnology and society will participate in this initiative, which has its facilities in the University Hospital of Ourense.

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Agreement to humanize medical care

20 April. Communication Department  

By signing an agreement with the Humans Foundation, Customimplants® confirms its commitment to groups seeking to humanize medical care. The initiative started with the implementation of a project at the school of the Niño Jesús Hospital in Madrid.

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More efficient surgeries thanks to the collaboration between engineers and doctors

16 April.  Communication Department

Surgeons analyze how 3D printing technology facilitates their work and minimizes the risks for the patient, who also benefits from the placement of a customized implant to speed up his recovery. Read the analysis of the professionals, including our medical director Margarita Montero, on how collaboration between engineers and doctors allows for more efficient surgeries.


March 2021

Engineers, surgeons and 3D printing

Customimplants®' CTO analyzes, David Alonso, the role of biomedical engineers in today's surgery. Learn how technology can improve surgical treatments and patient quality of life.


Customimplants® mentor four Final Master's Degree

Customimplants® mentors four Final Master's Degree projects of four female students from the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. Thus, the company confirms its commitment to training and research in order to continue innovating and improving solutions to meet any surgical needs which require customized implants.

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3D printing technology makes it possible to humanize medicine

The Managing Director of Customimplants® is convinced that 3D printing technology makes it possible to humanize medicine thanks to the customization of treatments for maxillofacial, orthopedic and trauma surgery. Find out all the details of his analysis in the ConSalud yearbook.

Customimplants® Mediforum Group's Private Inicative in Digital Health Award.

Customimplants, Mediforum Group's Private Initiative in Digital Health Award. The V edition of the SaluDigital Awards recognizes the innovative nature of our project to improve the lives of patients providing customized solutions for maxillofacial, orthopedic and traumatology surgical needs.



Doctors Silberberg, Abril and Montero analyze how personalized implants shorten surgery and patient recovery times. Learn more details of their participation in the debate organized by Isanidad.



Titanium, a suitable material for customized implants.  Learn more about the use of Customimplants® custom-made parts.

Alfonso X University

Alfonso X University and Customimplants® collaborate so that university students improve learning in 3D design and printing.

Link a Uax.  

Interview: the benefits that the use of 3D technology

The head of Customimplants® medical management analyzes in this interview the benefits that the use of technologies such as 3D printing brings to maxillofacial,orthopedics and trauma surgery.


The Managing Director of Customimplants® in the UAX

The Managing Director of Customimplants® explained to the UAX university students the application of 3D printing to manufacture customized solutions for maxillofacial, orthopedics and trauma surgery. Manuel Castro explained the differentiating elements of the company to provide solutions that benefit the patient.   .


Customimplants® supports technological  initiatives

Customimplants® supports technological initiatives that enable further progress in customized medical solutions that improve patients' quality of life. Initiatives such as the Alfonso X University FabLab which allows university students to work with these new tools, acquiring skills to facilitate their access to the labor market.


Dr. Margarita Montero assumes the medical direction of Customimplants®

Customimplants® announces the incorporation of Margarita Montero as head of the company's medical management. Montero Díaz has extensive experience as a specialist in orthopedic surgery and traumatology and in health management.


3D in Maxilofacial, trauma and orthopedic surgery

Technologies such as 3D printing are causing a change in medical specialties such as maxillofacial, trauma and orthopedic surgery. A change that make it necessary  to analyze the role of engineers and the relationship which is being established between their work and that of the surgeon in the field of customized surgery.


At Customimplants® we pay personalized attention to every surgeon in order to facilitate the application of new technologies and keep moving forward in different specialties such as Maxillofacial. As the specialists themselves recognize, that is the way to offer custom-made solutions to the patients.


Custom-made osteosynthesis solutions              

At Customimplants® we offer custom-made osteosynthesis solutions. We design, manufacture and sterilize the pieces in Ourense. This business project has come to increase the activity of the industrial estate of San Cibrao das Viñas. Its innovative character is reflected in the following press article published by La Región.


2020. The pandemic

The year 2020 has not been easy, but the pandemic has not stopped the Customimplants® business project. In just 6 months the company has managed to complete the construction of its facilities in Ourense. Learn more about the plans and objectives for 2021 in this interview with it managing director, Manuel Castro.


A certified company increases the value

Being a certified company increases the value of Customimplants® osteosynthesis solutions, states 
Darío Ramos
Quality Manager. The company strengthens its alliances with different groups and associations to guarantee and increase the quality of its product line. 


An innovative project, with a Spanish seal

Customimplants® is an innovative project, with a Spanish seal, which was created to improve customized solutions for orthopedic and trauma surgery patients. More than five million euros of investment, which helps to reactivate the industrial estate of San Cibrao in Ourense, as reported by the newspaper La Voz de Galicia.


3D printing technologies

The application of 3D printing technologies, such as that offered by Customimplants® represents a before and an after within the scope of maxillofacial surgery, thanks to the customized prostheses. This technology responds to the surgeons’ requirements to obtain a part that is fully adapted to the injured area and besides provides further aid for the approach through surgical guides and biomodels.


Multidisciplinary work

At Customimplants® we are clear about the need for multidisciplinary work between bioengineers and healthcare professionals. The agreements signed with Spanish universities reflect our commitment to promote the figure of the bioengineer to offer customized osteosynthesis solutions to patients.


Custom-made solutions

3D printing technology is a very suitable tool in the service of medicine to offer the patient custom-made solutions, as explained by the managing director of Customimplants®, Manuel Castro in his reflection on technology and customized osteosynthesis solutions. A reflection which made it clear that medicine should not leave out these innovations which contribute to improve patient’s quality of life.


Facial bones injures

The possibility of designing and manufacturing fully customized materials has modified the approach to facial bones injuries. The significant advantages that 3D printing technology brings to this surgical specialty were the main issue of the debate in which the medical director of Customimplants®, Dr. Rafael Ochotorena, also participated.


Orthopedic and trauma surgery

The incorporation of technology into the daily routine of orthopedic and trauma surgery is a necessity, but also a challenge. This is the understanding of the technical director of Customimplants®, David Alonso, who wonders why resort to a serial implant when a better solution can be provided with a custom-made one.

Technology 4.0

Talking about technology 4.0 is not talking about the future, but about a present that is radically changing sectors such as medicine. Learn about the analysis of Sergio Daniel González, CEO of Customimplants®, on the new present of medicine and its commitment to return knowledge to society in the form of profit. 

New technologies at the service of the medicine

The new technologies at the service of the medicine to offer customized solutions and the challenges that this revolution implies are the focus of the interview with the Quality Director of Customimplants®. Among all the challenges, Darío Ramos highlights the need to integrate into multidisciplinary team professionals as engineers and practitioners. 

Manuel Castro. Director of Customimplants®

El director general de Customimplants® explica cómo la tecnología de impresión 3D revoluciona el sector de la fabricación de implantes. En esta entrevista, Manuel Castro detalla las ventajas que aporta la tecnología para diseñar y fabricar soluciones de osteosíntesis a medida y cómo estas ventajas permiten ofrecer al paciente una pieza totalmente personalizada y que contribuya a mejorar su calidad de vida. 

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Planning the surgical approach

3D printing allows planning the surgical approach and consequently performing less invasive surgeries which significantly reduce the risk of infections. As a result, patient recovery time is reduced, as Rafael Ochotorena –medical director of Customimplants® explains in this interview.