R+D+i CUSTOMIMPLANTS POLICY                 


Considering the patient as the maximum beneficiary of our work, Custom Implants, through its business activity, transforms the existing medical manufacturing solutions in the market and develops innovative products optimizing the manufacturing of medical devices by combining additive technology with traditional machining. We strive to ensure the satisfaction of every stakeholder, especially the patient. Our company culture contemplates that everything we do can be improved. In the work environment created, self-improvement, participation and involvement become an intrinsic motivation for everyone, which is reflected in both our actions and results. Strict compliance with current legislation is guaranteed in all areas of the company's activity. To this end, an effective R+D+i system is established to promote continuous improvement on a permanent basis in all our projects.


The mission of CUSTOM IMPLANTS is to offer value-added solutions that improve society and the business of our clients, obtaining results based on smart targets which must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and temporary with the ultimate goal that customers perceive a real value of CUSTOM IMPLANTS products and services.


The needs of clients in the health sector are increasingly complex and require specific knowledge to offer them solutions that meet their requirements. CUSTOM IMPLANTS must be a strategic life cycle partner for all its customers, exceeding their expectations by creating innovative solutions that provide value and are sustainable at a very competitive cost.


CUSTOM IMPLANTS, S.L. implements R&D&I processes with the aim of generating new knowledge by applying additive manufacturing as a basis in combination with other production processes. To this end:

  • Own  R&D&I projects are developed.

  • Cooperation with strategic partners is established for the development of joint projects.

Given our extensive experience in different industrial sectors and our technical capabilities, we can manage all phases of the product life cycle.  The management team is committed to providing all R&D&I units with the material and technical resources required to achieve the foreseen targets for each project.


There are a range of values that must identify CUSTOM IMPLANTS in all its internal and external relations. These values are to be: 

  • Quality: excellence must always be sought in this area.
  • Transparence: Trade relaciones must always be base on transparency.
  • Diversity: Having a wide range of solutions.
  • Leadership: Striving to shape a better future.
  • Commitment: The entire team is committed to company strategy.
  • Collaboration: Promoting collective talent.
  • Integrity: Being transparent.

Focusing on the needs of our customers is of utmost importance and we do that by listening, observing, learning and having a global vision of the business of CUSTOMIMPLANTS. Customers are looking for partners -not suppliers- who act quickly, who are able to adapt to changes by seeking efficiency, and who take responsibility for their actions or for the lack of action and who create value by learning from their own mistakes.

Business activity performed by the organization is developed at: 

Calle 16, Nave 13. Parque Industrial San Cibrao das Viñas

CP: 32901. San Cibrao das Viñas. (OURENSE).