Environmental Policy  

Custom Implants S.L. keeps its commitment against climate change and in favor of sustainable development, establishing respect for environment as its main reference value.
For this purpose, an effective quality system is established to promote continuous improvement.Custom Implants S.L. has established and implemented an environmental management system based on the requirements of the UNE EN ISO 14001:2015 standard.Our environmental policy defines the commitment to carry out our activity within the parameters of sustainable development, maintaining the control and management of the environmental aspects produced and in particular, the most significant. It also establishes a common framework for the definition of objectives and activities that contribute to the continuous improvement of the environmental management system.


The mission of CUSTOM IMPLANTS is to ensure the protection of the environment, to work in a respectful way, to prevent pollution and to minimize the environmental effects produced as a result of the activity. We promote research and development of technologies that contribute to the mitigation of climate change and enable the sustainability of natural resources.                     


Ensure compliance with the environmental legal requirements applicable to our company and activity and with the requirements voluntarily assumed by the company. Establish indicators and report systems that allow us to objectively know the environmental impact of our centers. Define concrete and measurable objectives and goals, which can be reviewed at least once a year.


At Custom Implants S.L. the following set of values is followed in all its   internal and external relations:       
   Quality excellence must always be sought in this area.
   Caution : avoid actions that may involve an environmental risk, regardless of the severity that may have if they materialize.                       
   Prevention have a wide range of solutions.
   Leadership strive to shape a better future.
   Commitment avoid the environmental consequences associated with our activity or with any of the company's actions.  
   Correction :foresee how to counteract the environmental consequences of a risk if it occurs.                       
   Commitment: The whole team members must be committed to the environment.                 
Focusing on customers' needs is essential. To achieve this we listen, observe, learn and obtain a global vision of our customers' business.
Customers are looking for partners, not for suppliers, who act nimbly, who are able to adapt to change by seeking efficiency, who take responsibility for their actions or lack of action and who create value by learning from errors made.